Luxmore Hut | Kepler Track, Fiordland National Park

Luxmore Hut is one of the most popular huts around due to its proximity to Lake Te Anau township and there’s a lot of talk about the intense view. The living area has been extended and there’s plenty of space in the kitchen area and around the tables. The bunkrooms, well, that’s something different, best to bring your earplugs.

Luxmore Hut is tucked away, to avoid looking directly at the farmland and township 800m beneath, instead the view is north across the South Fjord of Lake Te Anau to the Murchison mountains beyond.

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category . . . Great Walk hut

elevation . . . 1045 m

hut fee – summer . . . 23 October 2018 to 30 April 2019, Hut warden in residence for summer season

New Zealand resident, need drivers license: $65 per adult, free if under 18.

Non-New Zealand resident: $130.

hut fee – winter . . . to 22 October 2018, $15 per adult, free if under 18, ie, 3 hut tickets, or backcountry hut pass. Camping not permitted

booking . . . required for summer season, 23 October 2018 to 1 May 2019, either online or at a DOC office. Not required for winter season: to 22 October 2018.

camping . . . not permitted. The closest campsites are at Brod Bay on Lake Te Anau and at the next hut, Iris Burn.

bunks . . . 54 in two bunk rooms, one big, one smaller, with mattresses

built . . . 1986, ie, when the track was opened

cooking . . . summer: gas rings. Winter: none

heating . . . firebox, firewood supplied from woodshed

water . . . summer: tap above inside sinks. Winter: outside water tank or if frozen up, from the Route Burn

toilet . . . summer: 4 flush toilets. Winter: long drop

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