Lake Wilmot bivvy | Pyke - Big Bay route, Pyke Forest

Lake Wilmot bivvy is right on the track at the north-east corner of Lake Wilmot, about 20 m above. You can’t miss it.

It’s surprising this location is termed a “bivvy”, it’s more like a cliff with the bump than your standard rock bivvy. Not much of an overhang at all. Think of it as an emergency-only accommodation, with the major attraction that while not entirely horizontal it’s probably the least likely place in this vicinity where you could whack up a tent and be flooded.

+++++horizontal rule+++++

category . . . bivvy

hut fee . . . free to camp

elevation . . . ~50m

bunks . . . none

built . . . na

heating . . . none

water . . . from lake, 100m walk

toilet . . . none

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