Harper Pass Bivvy | Lake Sumner Forest Park

Harper Pass Bivvy is a tiny box, frigid for much of the year, not so far from the summit of Harper Pass, that can barely accommodate two close friends. If you have any height you may well end up with a bruised head due to low flying structure. The hut floor, actually the entire hut, is on a considerable lean, you have to cling to that bunk to avoid rolling out.

That’s right, it’s basically one of the most fun places to stay around.

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category . . . bivvy

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 840m

bunks . . . 2

built . . . 1965, refurbished 2003

heating . . . none, fireplace removed in 2003 refurbishment, no insulation either

water . . . walk to Hurunui River, 50m

toilet . . . none

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